Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flanders motorcycles.

I think I've mentioned it before but, my great grandfather had a Flanders. Both my great grandfather and Mr. Flanders worked for Henry Ford in the very early days of Ford motor company. I'm sure my grandfather was aware of Flanders genius on the assembly line set-up. I don't know if he actually knew him. That is one of the many things that sucks about losing your elders. You are left with so many questions you wish you had asked. My grandfather said every time it rained the belt would slip badly on the bike and it wouldn't go up hills. They supposedly developed a twin but, I can't find any pictures of one. Perhaps it never made it past the prototype stage.



    Lot 174
    Ex-Otis Chandler, the only surviving example,1914 Flanders 67ci 7-9hp Model D Twin Frame no. 7422 Engine no. 7012

  2. It has recently come to my attention that in addition to the Ex-Otis Chandler bike one other twin engine survives! The current owner is collecting parts to create a complete bike. Stay tuned!