Sunday, September 2, 2012

Davenport Iowa trip.

Just got back last night from a 3 day trip to Davenport Iowa. My friend and I spent a couple days at the motorcycle swap-meet. On the third day we checked out the National Motorcycle museum in Anamosa Iowa and finally the Antique Archeology shop before heading home. Had a fantastic time! Met some really great people and got educated on the compatibility of JD parts! Any body need a 1922 JD engine?! Trade for a 28? I picked up some much needed parts for my fork, a rear wheel and a battery box. I was expecting Iowa to be flat and covered with corn fields but, I found it to be quite hilly and beautiful. We drove through some cool little towns on our excursion to Anamosa and LeClaire. Tons of pictures to come.


  1. What gives? '22 just won't work?

  2. 1922 is narrower than a 22 and a 22 rear hub won't fit a 28 frame, the engine won't line up with the case, primary cover or rear hub.

  3. Yeah, the frames are wider starting with 1925. I could do some funky spacing with the motor mounts and such but, I'm going to look for a later engine. Maybe if I save my money I can afford a two cam! Everyone go out and buy a Chrysler so I get a big bonus this year!