Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trip to Turin Italy.

I just got back from a two week business trip to Turin Italy.  It was my first trip to Europe.  Most of my time was spent at Fiat and some of their suppliers but, I did get out in the evenings and one weekend.  The people were very nice, food was some of the best I've had and the city is amazing.  Everyone drives tiny cars, motorcycles, mopeds or bicycles.  It was shocking to me how fast people drive in the city.  I guess that is why pedestrian impact standards are so extreme for the cars we sell there.  Another shocker was that it is illegal to modify your car in Italy!  If you want a fast car you better give up your money at the dealership because that is the way the car is going to stay.  If you own a older classic car It cant be driven in the city because of emissions standards.  I could go on for hours with what I learned in the past couple weeks.  Here are some of the pictures I snapped with my phone camera.  I took my new Nikon with me but only got 1 picture before it failed me...
Looking out my hotel window at the alps.

Cab ride to work.  High speed train straight ahead.

Looking at the alps from a cat walk at the supplier.

Another cab ride to a supplier.

Turin shops and apartments.

The palace.

Back half of an ancient church.

Train station in the distance.

Fun store window near my hotel.

We ate at the place with the blue sign.  Really good food.  This is the same street the kinky store window was on.

Sunset over the Alps.  The tall peak to the left is the one used in the Paramount pictures logo.

Another early morning looking out of my hotel window at the mountains.

Another sunset.


  1. I miss Turin...I worked at Fiat/lived in Turin for a while in '97-'98. Had the same view of the alps from my was THEE best. Could have done without the feces on the sidewalks...

  2. Funny you should mention the feces! I didnt step in any but, my co-worker had a problem with it!