Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well, Wauseon is done for this year.  It was hot!  The temp was in the low 90s but, the humidity was high.  After 2 days I had enough.  I didn't even stay for the races this year.  I did find the carburetor I need for the 27 J engine.  I also bought a kit to install the rear stand and an adapter for Alemite fittings.  I took pictures with my cell phone.  This proves difficult in the bright sunshine.  I cant see the image on the screen before I snap the picture.  I have a tendency to shoot low.  Here is the result of my photos.  Enjoy!

Crazy home-made snow-blower!

 This was for sale if you had 75K.

Cool old cast aluminum accessory.

This bike has some really cool little details all over it.

Some very cool custom parts from the OHV engine to the cast aluminum bits.

1901 Steffey.  They also made the first water cooled engines in the states.

A personal favorite.

If I were rich this would have gone home with me.

Some swap meet pics.

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  1. The pics look great...Yeah it was hotter then hell out there... especially in the pits! Leathers and helmet in staging was brutal...