Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ducati 200 Americano update.

Started taking apart the Duc yesterday and today.  Everything is coming apart pretty easy.  After taking off the bevel cover and valve covers I was getting hopeful.  That ended once I got the head off.  Lots of water damage.  The air cleaner was left off and since the carb angles up it must have collected rain and snow.  Bummer.  Next step is to get into the cases and see what that looks like.  To make myself feel better I cleaned some of the covers and bead blasted them.  Now they look like new!  Notice in the second picture how the foam a previous owner put under the tank melted.  After scraping the old foam off I discovered that the frame was a light copper color originally.  Must have been copper with blue originally.  Not my favorite combo.  Maybe copper with red.

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