Saturday, July 26, 2014

Suzuki T125 Stinger images.

I recently picked up the chassis for one of these cool little twins.  Currently looking for a parts bike, engine or whatever I can find to make a runner.


  1. Hi I used to race 1 of these back in the early 7os -cool little bikes.Mine did 92mph with very mild porting std carbs and pipes designed for around 9000rpm. No power below 6000rpm. Stator flywheel(2 lbs?) was removed and had a home made electronic total loss ignition with transistors all mounted on an alloy(heat sink) base -had to be out in wind flow as it got real hot.Points closed right down to a tiny gap to stop bounce. About 21-25HP Id guess.Had std brakes which were the main limitation .Would rev to 11000Rpm in lower gears .Very reliable. Similar performance to a std T250

  2. How goes the project? I am looking for advice. Have a cherry 71 that I'd like to mod tastefully. Also have a complete parts bike. Thoughts were to send the parts engine for rebuilding and porting and then get the right pipes made. Better carbs and ignition are a nice to have as well. Any ideas of what carbs are shown on these bikes? Any tuning advice or information on shops that have Stinger specific experience would be much appreciated. Thank you...