Saturday, November 22, 2014

My 1927 J model Harley Davidson project.

Things are still progressing slowly.  After 3 sets of tank decals we decided to have the graphics painted on.  Picked up some parts yesterday that I had nickle plated.  Dropped off the clutch parts with Tom at Faber Cycle last weekend.  I reshaped the stock seat bracket to fit the front portion of the board track seat.  Struggling a little with the rear axle.  I purchased two reproductions but neither matches the old one.  One axle is to short (although it fits the frame perfect) and the other is apparently for an older style hub.  When this project is finished expect many of my bad purchases on E-bay or at swap meets!  Still waiting on the engine.  It has been 14 months!  I'm told it is close.

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