Saturday, June 27, 2015

Firestone Colson gets some new shoes and a seat.

I built some replacement wheels for the Colson.  Reproduction drop center rims with new stainless double butted spokes.  I also rebuilt the hubs with the best parts I could find.  Some parts are NOS and some are just survivors.  These wheels are virtually identical to what came on the bike with the exception of the spoke nipples.  The originals were slightly longer.  The Troxel seat looks similar to the one in the Colson catalog.  Not sure if it is exactly the same.  It will need some more work.  Looks like it was dropped on its side which bent the chassis and the pan.  I removed the Delta headlamp while I had the front wheel off.  It wasn't correct for the bike.  It should have a Delta Winner.

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