Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 Goodguys Columbus. The Hotrods.

Vintage track T re-purposed.
Past Riddler winner.  One of my favorites.
The wife of Bobby Alloway owns this super nice Porsche.

Riley OHC V8 race engine.  It sounded fantastic!
My dad's 42 Willys.

V8 bug.  What could go wrong?!

Injected Boss 429 for power.  Sounded awesome!

Huge show this year in spite of iffy weather.  I read that something like 6500 cars showed up!  I'm going to try and put cars in categories but that isn't always easy.  Many cars fall into more than one category.  Unfortunately my photos of the pros pics didn't turn out very well.  I was using my cell phone and the lighting inside the building presented some challenges!

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