Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

1927 Harley Davidson model J.

Did some more quick assembly for grins and to see how things fit.  Still lots of work to do on the engine.  I also have hours of cleaning, painting, sanding and more painting and sanding!  Still need a rear fender and drop stand.

Opel rocket car.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gemballa Porsche.


69 dude!

Gene Walker.

Ferrari 458GT

Not good.

Indian flat tracker.

JDH bobber.

Indian repair shop.

Flat trackers.

1st row(bottom)Jimmie Chann, George Sabine, Joe Thomas.
2nd row Pete Chann,Babe Tancrede, Al Wilcox,B.B. Smith, Steve Chann, Stan Meyers
3rd row Dick Fisher,Joe Weatherly,Herb Reiber, Billy Miller, George Heck
4th Row Bill Normyle, Ed koch, Chet Dygraff
5th Row Norval Goodman, Leon Applegate, Pete Peterson, Bill Boyce, Whitey Anderson
6th Row Walt Troxel, Billy Huber

Joe Weatherly

Honda Cafe.

Reading Standard twin.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

M.M. postcard.

JD cut-away.

For sale right now on Ebay.  Expensive but, very cool.  Says it was found in a South American trade school and brought back here to the states.

Yale endurance team.


Just took another long trip for Harley parts!  I found a 1927 61" J engine thanks to a tip from Dave at Flat Out Vintage.  He told me to try Mark at Linkcycles.  Mark was kind enough to go through all the parts with me and show me what to look for, what was good and what was not.  Upon getting home I spread everything out along with parts I already have.  I put together a list of things I need or just simply want to replace.  Thankfully most everything is available from Competition Distributing.  Now I just have to keep the wife from looking at the bank account for awhile!

T.E. Duffey winning for Excelsior.

1925 or 26 Indian Prince.

Knuckle bail-out.

On the couch.

Black and white.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

About the old photos on my page.

Most of the photos I post are available for sale on Ebay.  Not that I need any more people bidding against me!  Beware though.  Many of the images being sold are available from Shorpy and the Library of Congress archive for FREE!  I try to post quality images whenever I find them.  My intent is to create a kind of archive for vintage American motorcycles.  The other images are for my own amusement!

Early dirt track race.

Pope and ?

Tank says Big 4!  Referring to horse power of course.

Early pace bike.

Harley with a side car.

Barney Oldfield.

Romeo on his Indian.