Thursday, June 19, 2014

Merrill Anderson and his Harley Davidson hill climb bike.

I recently purchased this old press photo.  Not sure if it was ever published anywhere.  I think it must also be new to the internet.  Back of the photo indicates that Merrill suffered a broken rib and other injuries on this run.  The event was put on by the Hawkeye Motor Club in Ford Iowa.  Date stamped on back is Sept 1 1926

Family member on his bicycle.

This photo was given to me by my cousin Dale.  It was mixed in with photos of the Murray side of our family.  Unfortunately this one was not labeled.  The labeled photos indicate they were taken in the Lake Tahoe / Reno Nevada area.  The bicycle is a early diamond frame safety bike circa. 1900.  Thanks Dale!

Excelsior twin cylinder.

Wealthy farmer?

Revere Beach Mass. cycle track.

Indian single attracts the ladies!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Columbus Ohio motordrome.

Monroe Special 1920.

Woodbridge NJ board track.

Torn down around 1933 and converted to a oiled dirt track.

Butte Montana motorcycle club.

Note the board track / dirt track bikes in the center of the bottom picture.

1911 Excelsior twin images.

1911 was the first year for the Excelsior twin.  1912 and later models featured the more shapely tank and frame design.

Saturday, June 14, 2014